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5 Sensory Ways in Staging Your Greenville SC Home for Sale

home sellingEach of our senses is powerful on its own, combining these senses together create experiences that can evoke emotions, influence decisions, instill memories, and much more. Buying a home is a sensory experience. The senses surely play a huge role stirring feelings that make buyers want to buy a home or find another one. When selling a home, you should think more than just getting a good resale value on your home. You should also think about how you can provide potential buyers with a positive sensory experience.

Here’s a checklist for each of the senses that we think is really important to consider when staging your Greenville SC home for sale. Properly staging your home can play a subconscious role in your prospective buyers’ mind to give them the reasons to make an offer on your home.

Easy on the eyes

How does your home look? Are all the rooms clean organized and clutter-free? Are the family photos still hanging on the wall? Make sure your home is clean and depersonalized.  You want the potential buyer to visualize themselves living in your house so you have to keep the personal photos and items away.  Keep an empty bin close by because inevitably, you’re going to get that phone call for showing and this is where dirty dishes, dirty clothes, and other clutters go. Open the windows to allow natural light in. Pay the same attention to your home exterior.  Make sure you will be able to grab them by sight.

What’s that smell?

When it comes to smell, it’s pretty safe to say that we want our home to smell great. However you should avoid using deodorizers, you may love the scent of fresh crisp apple cinnamon but other people may not. Also these artificial scents kind of give the feeling that maybe you’re trying to mask something.  Keep the smell neutral. If you are using aromas keep it gentle and natural. Use fresh flowers, fruits and plants.

What’s that sound?

When we live in a home for a long time, it’s easy to get desensitized to sound of our home. The squeaks on the floor, the door handle, the stairs. There are easy solutions to this noise. Applying oil to the door hinges can remove the sound. If you have access to the floor or stairs from underneath, insert shims into the gaps, it will keep the floor from bouncing when stepped on. You can also fill the gaps with construction adhesive. Fixing the problem is very straightforward and relatively inexpensive. If you live by a noisy road, you may wish to keep your windows closed to minimize the traffic noise and put on some low music.

Something to taste

Your prospective buyers will surely appreciate a nice snack or refreshment. Place a bowl of cookies or tray of juice on the kitchen table with a little note for buyers to help themselves. It will be a nice treat as they go around viewing your home and your home staging efforts. Not only you will be hitting their sense of taste, you’re also luring their sense of smell. Freshly baked cookies or brewed coffee smell so good. The longer they stay in your home the more they may start to feel at home.

Feels good

Whether it is a cold frosty day or a hot sunny day, make sure your home is at comfortable temperature. Showing a house in the heat of summer with a thermostat set too high is not going to make the buyer feel like staying very long. You want potential buyers to feel instantly at ease and comfortable viewing every part of your home.

Home buying is a multi­-sensory experience.  By paying close attention to the five senses in your home staging efforts, your Greenville home can create pleasant impressions. Remember that your home will not get a second chance to make a good impression so you should do your best the first time.  A clean, well-organized home gives the impression of a well-maintained property; this instills confidence in your prospective buyer and makes your home much easier to sell.


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