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8 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you are hosting a large dinner at your home, there are lots of things you need to prepare. Never fret, whether you need to make sure your kitchen is ready for long cooking sessions or you need to do some general cleaning, this list will help you get your home ready for the holiday.

Pre-walk through

Take a walk through of your home and identify areas that may need more cleaning, organization, repair, or update. Doing this ahead of time will save you from stress, because rather than tackling them right before your guests arrive and while you are busy preparing the table, you will have more peace of mind knowing your home is ‘show time’ ready.



While on your pre-walk through,  you might as well map out a plan to tackle any clutter in your home. Since you will be having guests in your home, make sure there is plenty of space and mingle area for all. If you need to re-arrange furniture to create more space do it. De-cluttering your home will also make your home appear more spacious. Move extra coats into storage to make room for guests’, put in storage miscellaneous objects that are cluttering the living room, dining or kitchen to create more space.


Dust and tidy

Clean the house thoroughly,  don’t forget to do a cobweb check, clean the chandelier or the ceiling fan, vacuum the carpet. Some areas to focus on are coffee and side tables, shelves and electronics.


Add Thanksgiving décor thanksgiving-decor

Thanksgiving is one of the best times to decorate your home. Why not have a family project where everyone can create Thanksgiving arts and crafts? It is a great bonding time for the family. Whether you place cards with fall decor, put fruit plate servings or add autumn flowers in the main rooms, these Thanksgiving decors will surely put your guests in the holiday mood.


Stock the essentials

Outfit the rooms you are intending to use for your guests. Stock it with fresh linens and towels, waste basket, and storage for your guests’ belongings. Also, make sure you have all the essentials at ready in case you need them: paper towels, cleaning supplement, and other things you need for this event.


Check your heating system

Your home’s HVAC is important in this holiday season so you may want to make sure that they are running at maximum efficiently. Make sure your home stays at a comfortable temperature, balance the heating system to increase airflow, close all vents in rooms that you don’t use often, including the basement. Test where airflow is heaviest and lightest to help determine which vents you should adjust. Also, change the air filter if necessary.



Choose your menu in advance

Rather than last two minute decisions, choosing a menu before the feast will leave you feeling relaxed on Thanksgiving Day. Consider going through your favorite cookbook or follow your family traditional recipes.


Prep your kitchen

After you have planned the meal, prep your kitchen. Prepare the serving utensils, clean your oven, maximize the space  in your kitchen, and plan where the food will be served. Make your kitchen organized so it will be easy for you and your guests to find items needed. Make food stations around the kitchen for ease of serving.


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