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April 2022 Greenville Real Estate Statistics

Here’s the latest update on the Greenville real estate market. This page is updated every month to keep a running archive of Greenville’s real estate statistics from our local MLS. If you’re moving to Greenville and have questions about Greenville real estate market, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to discuss in detail the activities in our local market. If you’re on the market to sell your home or buy a home, this data will help you gauge if it’s a good time to sell or buy.

The Current State of the Real Estate Market in Greenville

Updated May 15, 2022

April 2022 Greenville Real Estate Statistics

Average Sales Price


*15.1% year-over-year increase
Average Sales Price in April 2021: 

Median Sales Price


*19.7% year-over-year increase
Median Sales Price in April 2021: 

NOTE: The average sales price is the combined average of all sold properties in greater Greenville for the same time period. The median home price is the most common sales price of all the homes sold in greater Greenville from our last month’s sales in April 2022.

New vs. Sold Listings

1,876 vs. 1,436

April 2021 New Listings: 1,837
April 2021 Sold Listings: 1,516

There were 1,876 new listings submitted to our MLS last month. That was a 2.1% increase from the previous year. There were 1,436 homes sold last month, a 5.3% decrease year-over-year.

Inventory of Homes


*30.2% year-over-year increase
Inventory of Home in April 2021: 

There were only 2,352 active real estate listings in Greenville last month. There were 1,807 active listings last year in April. That’s an 30.2% increase in available homes for sale in one year.

Days on Market

23 Days

April 2021: 39 Days

The average days-on-the-market for homes listed in April 2022 was 23 days. That’s a 41.0% drop from the same time last year.

Price Trend in Greenville Real Estate Market



The market trend reflects the home value index for April 2022, going back 10 years.

Inventory of Homes for Sale by Month in Greenville Real Estate Market

Inventory of home in Greenville sc

Is Greenville in a buyer’s or seller’s market right now?

Greenville is a seller’s market in April 2022

Greenville’s real estate market is still a seller’s market. There were only 1876 homes for sale last month. 2021 had a lower inventory at this time of year, last month’s inventory was up only by 2.1 percent.

The median sales price was up 19.7 percent to $298,000 and days on market decreased 41 percent to 23 days. We’ve seen a slight increase in months’ supply of homes to 1.7 percent, slightly higher than March’s 1.4. Still, the demand is higher than the current supply so sellers are still experiencing record sales prices, and buyers are still having a hard time finding homes. 

The average homes in Greenville go pending in around 23 days, 19.6 percent faster than it was in March 2022. Sellers choosing to sell their homes are most likely to get 100 percent or more.

With inventory still in short supply, sellers are still experiencing record sales prices, and buyers are still having a hard time finding homes.

Is it a good time to buy a home in Greenville, SC?

The average 30-year fixed rate mortgage exceeded 5 percent in April, the highest in more than a decade. As the rising costs of homeownership caused some volatility in demand as more buyers find themselves unable to afford the much higher payment, home prices will likely stay even though the demand has lessened.

Whether this is a good time for you to buy a house in Greenville or not depends on your financial situation, goals, and readiness to become a homeowner. If your situation needs to buy a home now, it pays if you understand what you can actually afford. Shop for mortgage rates and find the best lender that will offer you the best financing option.

In this hot market, serious buyers are willing to try many different tactics to get their offers accepted. Therefore, it’s essential to essential to have a good real estate agent and mortgage lender to help navigate through this challenging market.

*Based on information from GGAR, for the period April 1, 2022, through April 30, 2022.

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