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Beating the Spring Market Rush

Beating the spring market rush

Selling a Home in Spring

It’s spring time again! And just like as flowers start to bloom and bees buzz in the springtime air, the ‘for sale’ sign becomes a familiar sight on neighborhood lawns. The real estate market is buzzing with activities – the spring home buying frenzy is underway!

Majority of buyers search for homes in spring hence the well-known belief that the best time to list your home is in spring. There’s a ring of truth to that, every facet of the season can work in the seller’s favor. With high demand, sellers are more likely to sell their home. Yet, it is important to remember that buyers are not the only ones competing.  Other sellers will also take advantage of the high season. You’ll be faced with a higher degree of local competition than you would during low season.

You’ll need to put in extra effort and polish to help make your home for sale stand out from the competition.


Competing in the Spring Market

Start with Curb Appeal

One of the first areas to address when you are selling your home is to improve your home’s curb appeal. A few aesthetic upgrades and some touch up can give your home a better look and can also bring a better price. A well-cared house can attract more buyers because it gives them peace of mind knowing the property is well maintained.

To improve your home’s curb appeal you can start with trimming the hedges and pruning the trees, keeping your lawn edged, creating garden beds, replacing or repairing older gutter system, renewing peeling old paint, and cleaning the windows.


Improve the Home’s Interior

You have to make your home look as appealing as it is on the outside. Remember, you want your buyers to visualize themselves living in your house. Depersonalize your home and remove all personal decorations like family picture or personal items. Though you should depersonalize your home, don’t leave the walls bare of any design elements. Choose some of your selected wall hangings to highlight the color of your wall. Hang pictures to create a visual impact. Also, these potential buyers may not also share your opinion and taste so you have to make your home appeal to as many groups as possible.

When it comes to your furniture, be sure it is group together in a well-planned way. Furniture grouped together nicely can affect the space of the room, it can also turn one room into two and vice versa. Also make sure that there are clean and direct traffic through the room.

Another thing that does wonder to your home is the choice of paint. It can add character to your home. Giving your wall a fresh coat of paint in a light neutral color can bring the room to life and make it appear larger. Think of the best paint color to bring out your home’s character.

Also, adding extra lighting to increase illumination to the room will ensure that every aspect of the room is showing. Add lamps to light any dark corners. Open the windows to admit natural light, the more light the room has, the bigger and cleaner it feels to people viewing it.

Make sure that all rooms are spotless clean and presentable as possible. Clean every nook and cranny and do not assume that buyers will just only look into your main rooms. Find a proper storage to keep all other items you don’t need and don’t keep them in your cupboards.

Last but not the least, stage your home with some home accessories. Accessories like vase, painting, bowls, lamps, pillows etc. enhance the furniture and architecture in your home, they tie the room together and enliven the space. There are many things you can use to accessorize your home and they are not expensive. Your house should appeal to a broader range of home buyers so keep that in mind when you are decorating.


Setting the Right Price For Your Home

Your home could be perfect in and out but none of that matters if the price is not right. Setting the right price for your home is important because it will either make or break your chance of a successful sale. The factors to consider in pricing your home include the property’s condition, market condition, inventory, location, and competition. Also be realistic in setting the price for your home. Do not allow emotion to cloud your judgment.
Don’t hesitate to consult your agent, your agent is there to provide you information about the market, and help you make the most informed decision possible.



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