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Biscuits, Chicken, and More at Maple Street Biscuit Company in Five Forks, Simpsonville, SC


Where: Five Forks Branch – 2815 Woodruff Rd Suite 107, Simpsonville, SC 29681
Phone: 864-283-0946
Hours: Mon – Thu: 7 am – 2 pm, Fri-Sat: 7 am – 3 pm, Sun: Closed

Bigger than a Biscuit Restaurant

There’s a huge difference between a chain restaurant and a community-driven restaurant. A community-driven restaurant finds the community benefits and accents them as part of the restaurant, where business owners build personal relationships with their customers, knowing many of them by name and help build a sense of community such as the case with Maple Street Biscuit Company.

Maple Street Biscuit Company began their roots with a vision to make a difference in the lives of people in their community. Soon enough, five years since their first community store in Florida, Maple Street Biscuit Company has reached South Carolina when they opened their first community store in the Five Forks area of Simpsonville in 2017 bringing with it their mission and values.

You may have heard of Maple Street Biscuit Company, they have become local favorites in less than a year since their opening. So popular, a new store location opened about a month after Five Forks store opened, this one located in downtown Greenville.

So what separates Maple Street Biscuit Company from other restaurants? They want to be a part of the Five Forks community; to be more than just a restaurant, but be a place where relationships are built; where team members are more of a family and a relationship than a business. You won’t be surprised to hear about team members’ camaraderie extending to their guests. They give back to the community, to organization or groups by doing fundraiser nights. They open up their doors between 6 and 7 in the morning to offer free coffee every week. Help people, serve others, and be a part of the community; that’s their mission and they follow it through beyond the walls of their store.

Satisfy your hunger

Nothing screams comfort food louder than the chicken and some flaky biscuits. People love biscuits, and it’s hardly a surprise that biscuit-centered restaurants are pack with people craving for a hot, flaky, and buttery bite of a deeply Southern tradition.

Greenville has its share of restaurants serving excellent biscuits and one of them is Maple Street Biscuit Company. So if you’re craving for some chicken and biscuit meals to satisfy your hunger, get ‘The Five’ – it’s one of their most popular signature biscuits. Their menu is comprised of around 13 biscuit plates, a couple of salads, waffles, sides, and some sweet offerings.

And for those craving for more, Maple Street Biscuit Company – Five Forks is rolling out some new items in their menu, some more signature biscuits and other creations that will surely satisfy your palate. They’re also going to offer kids menu soon to meet the demand of their customers.

The Maple Street Biscuit Company gains high marks where it matters most: delicious biscuits, interesting menu, excellent service, and a great environment. Be sure to visit Maple Street Biscuit Company when you are in the Five Forks area, it’s definitely a great dining experience.

They are open Monday to Thursday from 7 am till 2 pm and Friday through Saturday from 7 am till 3 pm. Grab a bite of delicious biscuits and feel at home away from home. Maple Street Biscuit Company has the best staff and the best biscuit meals around!

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