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COVID 19 Response & Real Estate Information

We at the J.Michael Manley Team care for your health and safety. We are monitoring events as they unfold and are making decisions on how to best protect our clients, agents, and staff. We are also here to provide value for our community as we battle this unprecedented public health crisis.

We have created a separate blog,, to provide the latest COVID-19 developments affecting our community. The Coronavirus might stop us from gathering in person, but it can’t stop us from sharing and connecting.

We have gathered resources that will provide the latest COVID-19 information and guidance from our local government, as well as real estate information that will help you move forward with buying or selling a home during these uncertain times. This page will continue to be updated with resources to keep you informed.

If you have any other concerns or needs, please reach out to us! We are here for you, and we’re all in this together.


Local Government Ordinance

Emergency Ordinance To Implement Social Distancing

Greenville City Council has enacted measures to control COVID-19 outbreaks and minimize risk to the community by adopting an emergency ordinance to require businesses and individuals to implement social distancing. It is imperative that residents of Greenville remain at a safe distance of at least six feet from others while in public, seek non-emergency medical attention, if sick, via a telehealth service provider, continue to be vigilant with hand-washing, remain calm, and only purchase necessary supplies for immediate use.

When is the Emergency Ordinance In Effect?

The emergency ordinance takes effect on April 4, 2020 and shall be terminated by the issuance of another ordinance or shall automatically expire on the 61st day after enactment.

Is The Ordinance Mandatory?

The emergency ordinance is mandatory, and applies to the entire city of Greenville.

South Carolina Stay At Home Order

South Carolina orders residents to stay at home starting April 7th. All residents and visitors of the State of South Carolina are required to limit social interaction, practice ‘social distancing’ in accordance with CDC guidance, and take every possible precaution to avoid potential exposure to, and to slow the spread of, COVID-19.

Is Real Estate An Essential Business And Operation?

South Carolina Realtors has been in close contact with the Governor’s office and has requested that real estate be defined as an essential service in upcoming emergency or executive orders. This would allow for continued access to local deed recording offices to keep your transactions in the pipeline, and to make sure they get to the closing table.

Currently, offices for services such as property inspections, tax payments, and deed recording in the Upstate are still open and accessible.

Upstate, SC COVID-19 Updates

Access the latest here.


We at the J. Michae Manley Team will continue to take steps necessary to provide a safe environment for your real estate needs. We are committed to minimizing any service disruptions for our customers to the best of our abilities.

Real Estate FAQS

For Buyers:

Can I View Homes Without Pre-Approval?

We strongly recommend getting prequalified or pre-approved before looking at properties as many sellers limit showings to qualified buyers.

Will Getting Pre-Approved Or Pre-Qualified Be Delayed?

Keep in mind, given the current circumstances, getting pre-qualified or pre-approved may take some time as many mortgage companies have been impacted by the pandemic with high volumes of refinancing applications and other operational issues.

How Can I Consult With A Buyer Or Listing Agent?

Everything you should know when you are contemplating purchasing a home or listing your property on the market can be done remotely where you can be safe in the comfort of your home.  We utilize the latest technology to provide seamless online consultation so there can be no disruption of service. To request a buyer’s or listing consultation, simply call us or contact your agent via our contact page.

How Can Buyers View Homes?

We have long been utilizing virtual methods to show homes for our out-of-state clients. And as virtual showings are becoming more popular under these circumstances, we can assure you that it is safe to show homes.

We can do showings live via Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and other video messaging apps to implement social distancing and potential exposure to the virus. We can be your trusted eyes and ears and tour properties virtually together. Please watch the video above to get more information about how we do virtual tours.

At the same time, virtual tours are readily available on our website, follow the link to see all properties offering virtual tours in the Upstate.


How Can I Make An Appointment To See Homes Virtually?

It is easy. You can contact us directly via our contact page, or if you are already working with one of our agents, please send your agent an SMS or email.

Also, when you visit any listing page on our website, you can find a tab “Tour via Video Chat.” Just click that button and you will be taken to a contact page to schedule your appointment.

What If I Want To View The Property In Person?

Given the health crisis COVID-19 has created, we recommend viewing homes virtually yet if this is not an option for you, our agents will still be able to show you homes. As we take your safety and our agents seriously, we will be taking additional precautions and continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations, including social distancing, washing hands or using an alcohol-based sanitizer immediately upon entry of the property, and removing shoes/covering with booties, to avoid exposure to, and spread of, COVID-19.

What If I Lost My Job Mid-mortgage Application?

If you lost your job mid-mortgage application due to the impact of COVID-19, your mortgage application process will depend on whether you’ve applied solo or jointly with someone else. If you’ve applied with a spouse and his or her income is enough to qualify for the amount you were previously approved to borrow, you’re in good shape.

Will Mortgage Approvals Be Delayed?

Under these circumstances, your mortgage approval may possibly be delayed. So ask your lender first hand about how the timing for mortgage approval will be impacted by the pandemic and specifically how they’re addressing these issues.

Will Recording Be Delayed?

The government offices in the Greenville area are open and functioning so the deed should be able to be recorded.


For Sellers:

Should I Delay Listing My Home?

If you have a strong reason for putting your home on the market then it could pay to move forward with your listing, although with caution. Mortgage rates are currently very competitive, and that being the case, many homebuyers will no doubt want to capitalize on those rates, you may find a buyer easily should you decide to move forward with selling your home.

On the other hand, if you’re not desperate to sell, then you’re probably better off delaying listing your home for a host of reasons, your health and safety being the primary one.

What Are Alternative Ways To Market My Property?

We will market your home using an incredible array of available technology. We host a virtual tour or conduct a live tour using Skype or Facebook and use virtual staging to showcase your property.

How Can Sellers Do Open House At This Time?

A virtual showing is a great method if you are not comfortable with buyers coming into your house. Prospective home buyers won’t even have to touch your doorknob. Our agents even wear gloves as a precaution. Any person touring your home will be preapproved with a lender, to ensure they’re serious and prepared. We can do virtual open houses via Facebook and Instagram live using cameras and other software that we already have so we can market your home to a wider audience.

What If I Don’t Want To Show My Property?

If you do not want in-person showing because of safety issues, we will get that instruction in writing and consider an addendum to your listing agreement. Of course, we offer alternative marketing such as virtual tour, virtual open house, or taking more photographs to add to the listing.

What Happens If There Are Delays In Escrow Due To COVID-19 Related Closures?

An extraordinary event, like an epidemic or government order, that could affect a transaction is sometimes addressed in a “force majeure” clause allowing a party to suspend or terminate performance when circumstances which the parties could not have anticipated, or which are beyond their control, make performance of the contract impossible or impracticable. Adding such a clause in the purchase contract can help guide the parties and the transaction to move forward or not.



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