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Friends of the Reedy River on River Conservation

Friends of the Reedy River

Friends of the Reedy River

Where: 1309 Grove Road, Greenville, SC 29605
P.O. Box 9351, Greenville, SC 29604

Reedy River conservation

River systems is a critical component of our environment. Waters that flow in our waterways are essential to all life; human, plants, and animals. River systems provide food, water for drinking and bathing. They are also used for irrigation, transportation, and hydropower. Sadly, they also have been used throughout human history to carry off our waste. Household, agricultural, and industrial wastes are transported downstream and we have overloaded them dangerously. Did you know that in the country, 46% of our rivers and streams are in poor condition? Reedy River included. The pollution in the Reedy River was identified to be unfit for humans because of harmful bacteria.

Fortunately, there are environmental organizations like the Friends of the Reedy River that protect and restore our rivers through conservation efforts. Friends of the Reedy River is the only local non-profit volunteer-based organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and restoring Greenville’s Reedy River.

Watch how they carry out their mission to conserve Reedy River and why it’s important to save it.

Friends of the Reedy River has been transforming the river through grass-roots efforts since 1993 and this year they are celebrating their 25th anniversary on November 1st. For the past few decades, they work tirelessly to protect the Reedy River through educating the community on the importance of a healthy river ecosystem, advocating for continued and improved protection for the river, and engaging the public to take action by helping with restoration projects.

Visit their website at to learn more information about the organization and its community events. There are many events taking place this month. Let’s take part and be one of the ‘Friends of the Reedy River.’

You don’t have to be a fancy conservation organization to do your part. Don’t leave your trash when you’re done enjoying the water, be a volunteer when there is a cleanup drive, or donate to help the organization since organizations like this rely on public donations to fund their activities.

It is easy to forget how important the rivers are to us as we get caught up with our daily life. We don’t think about or sometimes care whether our rivers are in bad condition. Rivers can’t save themselves, we can only save them. We need to save our rivers now so that our children’s great-grandchildren can still enjoy the river long after we’re gone.



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