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Horizon Records: Your Greenville, SC Record Store


 Where: 2-A West Stone Ave, Greenville, SC 29609
 Phone: 864-235-7922
 Store Hours: Mon – Sat: 11 am – 7 pm, Sun: 11 am – 6 pm

Horizon Records opened its doors in 1975 with the aim of serving the Upstate’s most vibrant city with an equally vibrant supply of records. Founded by Gene Berger, the store has since become an essential fixture of Greenville’s music scene and quickly established itself as a bonafide record shop catering to music aficionados and people who just love the sweet sound of records playing in the air.

Located in downtown Greenville, amidst the popular North Main Street area, Horizon Records isn’t the kind of shop you can just pop into. You can expect most sensible visits to soak up the best part of your afternoon. The store is bright, minimal, and easy to navigate. 

On the shop floor, Horizon Records deals in new and second hand records from across the electronic dance music spectrum, as well as blues, funk, soul, disco, jazz, rock, old and new, from across the globe. Its racks are home to a diverse and well-selected array of new records and reissues, among which you can expect to find the likes of XTC, Pacific Breeze, Nina Simone, and many more.

The selection of second hand records is as broad as you’d expect, from metal to disco as well as vintage records to keep you busy. With an impressive and very well organized selection, the staff friendly and knowledgeable, it’s easy to get comfortable here. Plus, the record store is next to The Bohemian Cafe, which is a great place to hang out after you finish your crate digging.

This Greenville record store gives prominent space to touring musicians. Hosting regular in-stores performances and Record Store Day events, it has cemented a reputation as one of the city’s most active record shops, a place to meet and discover new music like every proper record shop should be.

While you can probably get LPs and records cheaper online, nothing quite beats the in-store experience with friendly staff that know their trivia and old patron customers that you can exchange ideas. That said, the Horizon Record’s online experience is seamless and their weekly newsletter is a great way to keep on top of new releases.

There’s simply no excuse not to check out Horizon Record next time you’re in downtown Greenville. A crate digger’s day out like nowhere else, Horizon Records is a place to behold, get lost and come up smiling with an armful of LPs.

Get to know more about Horizon Records and its owner Gene in this interview. Watch.




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