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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter in Greenville

By: Henry Walsh


With mild winter temperatures, Greenville homeowners are still able to do a lot of yard work towards the end of the year. Making sure that your lawn looks excellent year-round is essential when selling your home. Consider these tips on how to prepare your Greenville lawn for winter to maintain the overall look of the exterior of your home throughout the selling process:

Continue Watering

Your lawn will require less water during the colder winter months, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop watering altogether. Take into account recent weather patterns and adjust your watering to make sure that your lawn is receiving a good drink once or twice weekly throughout the season. Cool season grass lawns may turn dormant during the winter but continue watering until you see signs of dormancy arrive.

Adjust Mowing

Winter lawn growth will drastically slow down during the winter months in Greenville. However, make sure that you keep your lawn looking tidy to maintain curb appeal for potential buyers. Check your grass before you mow to make sure that it needs trimming. Consider changing your regular schedule of mowing every weekend to adjust to the growing conditions of your lawn. Mowing the day before a promising showing or open house is always a good idea but adjust the height of your mower, so you don’t end up taking off too much at once.

Add Some Energy

Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to keep it a vibrant green color that is appealing to many home buyers. Consider applying a quick release fertilizer that will provide instant color within a few days. Be careful to follow the directions and remember that less is more to prevent over applying and creating burn spots in the yard. For a more continuous and long-lasting fertilizer option, choose a slow-release fertilizer that will feed the lawn over the course of the winter as well.

Mulch Fallen Leaves

Many Greenville homes will be covered in beautiful fall color this time of year. Instead of raking up the leaves to throw away, mulch the leaves into the soil to provide your lawn with an extra boost of energy. Rent a leaf mulcher or mow over the leaves on the highest setting to cut them into more manageable pieces. Mulched leaves will break down into the soil quickly and are a great way to support the local environment.

Overseed For Color

If your lawn contains a warm-season grass, like Bermuda grass or Zoysia Grass, consider overseeding with a cool-season grass for the winter. Many warm-season grass types will go dormant during the winter making your lawn an ugly brown color that can significantly affect curb appeal. Applying a cool season grass, like Fine Fescue or Kentucky Bluegrass, is a great way to add color the lawn and make sure that your grass is green all season long.

Watch for Weeds

The colder seasons are a prime time for weeds to continue growing despite the temperatures. Make sure to keep an eye out for pesky weeds that could quickly grow during this portion of the year. Consider spreading a weed control on the lawn to keep weeds away as well. Pull those weeds that have gone undetected but could become an eyesore for potential buyers. Keeping your lawn weed free is essential when having your house on the market.

Preparing your Greenville lawn for winter is essential in making sure that the exterior of your home is in great shape during the selling process. Continue watering and mowing only when your lawn requires as well as adding energy to the grass for optimal growth. Watch for weeds in the yard and overseed warm-season lawns for a beautiful green hue all winter long. Factor in all of these tips when preparing your Greenville lawn for winter.


Henry Walsh is a gardening writer and eco-conscious living advocate. He recently began his homesteading journey after many years of incorporating the principles into his urban lifestyle.


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