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Indoor Gardening Tips During The Winter In Greenville

Just because winter’s settled in for the long haul, you don’t have to sit around and twiddle your green thumbs until spring arrives. There’s nothing better than some green indoor plants to chase away the winter blues. Your plants will thrive if you follow these indoor gardening tips during the winter in Greenville.


  1. Pay attention to the lighting and temperature

The daylight hours are shorter, so even the hardiest plants are searching for light. It’s vital your plants get the maximum so your indoor garden can reach its full potential.

Grow lights can be an effective way to replace the lost hours of sunlight but don’t rush to the hardware store just yet. Instead, choose plants that naturally prefer a bit more shade. You also need to search for window sills and tables that will provide as much sunshine as possible to compensate for the shorter days.

It’s vital to remember that some plants are particularly sensitive to the cold. Some herbs cannot tolerate cold drafts. Avoid placing these near drafty windows or in areas that are subject to fluctuations in temperature.


  1. Follow a plan

When gardening indoors, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of space the plants need. It’s easy to get excited and decide to plant dozens of herbs, succulents, or other flowers, but you may soon find yourself overwhelmed with gardening chores. You’ll also run out of sunny places to store them.

Plan your indoor garden just as you would plan one that you’re growing outdoors. Map out the areas in your home that receive the most sunlight and are positioned to receive optimal temperatures and airflow. Keep in mind that plants that are native to South Carolina, like southern lady ferns, will need less maintenance and be easier to transplant once spring arrives.


  1. Ventilate and hydrate

All plants, regardless of whether they’re indoors or outside, need good airflow to thrive. If you’re placing them in a stuffy area, consider putting a fan nearby to help provide a constant stream of air. This will help your plants develop the defenses necessary to survive outside (vital if you’re planning to transplant once the weather warms). The air flow will also help keep fungus and pests at bay.


  1. Keep things tidy and organized

Inspecting your indoor garden regularly. Just because your plants are inside doesn’t mean they’re safe from all threats. Plants under stress are susceptible to fungus and bacterial infections. That’s why you need to be more attentive to your indoor garden. Keep in mind that there are no beneficial microorganisms or predatory insects to keep diseases and pests at away. You need to watch for common indoor pests like spider mites and whiteflies and remove them as soon as possible.

A little greenery goes a long way when it comes to adding a touch of spring to your home. With proper care, you’ll have a head start on your outdoor spring garden – just as long as you follow these indoor gardening tips during the winter in Greenville.


Written by: Kathleen Johnson





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