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Revival Butchery – Greenville’s Finest Butcher Shop


 Where: 1296 A, Pendleton St, Greenville, SC 29611
 Phone: 912-777-8000
 Hours: Tue – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sat: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Sun-Mon: Closed



These days buying meat has often been reduced to staring down a sea of plastic-wrapped foam trays. Looking for a pork belly or short loin? How about pork cheeks or beef ribs? The list of meat cuts can go on but sadly you may not find them all in your favorite supermarket. This is just one reason why Jeremy Webb launched Revival Butchery, keeping the butchery trade alive. 

Revival Butchery is a high-quality, family-owned butcher shop located in the revitalized Village of West Greenville. This butcher shop in downtown Greenville not only sells quality meat selection but also specializes in house sausages derived from family recipes that have been passed down for generations. Adding Jeremy’s own recipes to the selection and they got meat with authentic flavors you cannot find in your usual supermarket.

What are the Revival Butchery’s bestsellers? Aside from lesser-known butcher cut meats, the store’s staples are the sausages. They make over 40 different kinds of sausages and some of the most popular are Thai Fried Garlic and Chicken Shawarma sausages. They also have a vegan sausage called Vegan Sausage Crumble.

The butcher shop also showcases items from other local businesses. They carry products such as Young’s Backyard BBQ and fresh shrimp from Broadwater Shrimp. 

A butcher shop like Revival Butchery prides itself on customer service. Jeremy explained that he hopes to get to know people in the community and build relationships with them. To greet them by their first names and provide value-added service as far as carrying someone’s grocery out or doing delivery to an elderly who couldn’t get out during this pandemic. When you shop at Revival Butchery, expect your meat buying to become a personal experience. 

Buying at your local Greenville butcher shop, you will always know what you’re getting. Jeremy and his team can tell you the farm the animal was raised on and what part of the animal that particular cut came from. More often than you’ll even see them grind or cut pieces of meat right in front of your eyes. Jeremy works directly with local farmers and slaughterhouses to source the majority of his meats.

Revival Butchery is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products. Their specialty sausages, artisan meats, and butcher cuts are not only delicious but are also priced at an affordable cost. Visit Revival Butchery today to support local small businesses, and follow them on Instagram to be updated on their newest creations. 


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