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Selling a home in a Hot Seller’s Market

selling-a-home-in-a-sellers-marketIt’s a seller’s market! Have you thought about selling your home?

It’s a seller’s market in many parts of the country. Homes are selling at a faster rate than it was a year ago. There are more people wanting to buy homes than sell them. This makes it a seller’s market and a prime time to put your house up for sale. But while houses are easily snapped up, there are bidding wars here and there, and it may seem like anything goes for sellers, it is important to remember that selling a home in a hot housing market still have some basic rules. If you want to get the best outcome and highest return when you sell your home in this hot housing market, follow these tips:

Selling Your House in a Seller’s Market:

Hire an experienced real estate agent

Regardless of the market condition, it is best to hire an experienced agent to help sell your home. Selling a home takes knowledge, time, and negotiating skills. Your agent is there to help you set the right price, market your home, and get buyers to your doorstep. Your agent will handle all the paperwork for you and will make your home selling experience less stressful.


Present your house in the best light

Prep your house and make sure it is in good condition. Just as you want to visualize yourself in your Greenville SC home, it’s important for potential buyers to do the same. Make sure you entice your potential buyers and not scare them away because you fail to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Buyers looking at your home shouldn’t be distracted by problems in your house or with your personal things.Show your home in the best light possible. Make your potential buyers visualize themselves living in your home.


Price your home realistically

Overpriced houses do not SELL even on a hot seller’s market. 

In a hot housing market, it can be easy to price your home higher than what it is actually worth. While it is possible to get a great return during this time, you should be realistic in pricing your home. Pricing your home correctly can get your home sold quickly. Your agent should be able to advise you what similar homes in the area are selling for. If you overprice your home, it will not sell and will likely languish even on a hot seller’s market.


Be ready to adapt

In this competitive market, expect showings will happen often. Leave your house when potential buyers come for a viewing. Remember, they should visualize themselves living in your house, if you are there they may be uneasy going through your cabinets or closets and end up giving your home a quick run through instead of getting a good feel. This may seem an inconvenience for you to leave your home but you should be ready to adapt as it is part of the hardship of selling.  If leaving your home is not possible, please don’t follow them throughout the house but let them walk through themselves.


Avoid bad offers

In a hot market where buyers are offering more than the asking price, it is easy to be lured with an “attractive” offer. You should ignore offers that don’t come with a mortgage pre-approval. The last thing you want is a terminated contract and your house sitting for several weeks in a hot market.


Accept reasonable offer

One of the problems often seen with sellers in a seller’s market is being overly optimistic about price. Do not get carried away with how many buyers showing interest in your home. When a reasonable offer comes in, don’t turn it down and wait for a more extravagant offer. In the end, if the house appraises low, the buyer may walk away and your house may languish on the market and ultimately sells for less than the first reasonable offer.


Need Help?

Looking for the right people to help you in the process of selling your Greenville home? Interview the J Michael Manley Team. We take a different approach when it comes to marketing and getting the best price for your home in the shortest time possible. We have helped a lot of people sell a home in Greenville and every successful transaction we had is a testament to our team’s dedication in helping home sellers not just get their homes listed but sold. Contact us today!



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