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Thanksgiving Recipes: The Perfect Fried Turkey!

How To Make The Perfect Fried Turkey


The Thanksgiving table seems incomplete without the culinary star of the holiday season. It won’t be a true Thanksgiving without turkey. But, cooking a Thanksgiving turkey can be a real challenge.

There are literally hundreds of recipes out there telling you how to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, with some recipes calling for days of salting, stuffing and fussing over the bird. With so many things to do and prepare for the biggest food holiday of the year, do you have the time to prepare all?

This year why not do as little as possible to a turkey and still get a succulent and juicy result?


Here’s what you need:

1 10-12 pound Thawed Turkey (Or pounds that fit in your cooker or oven)
1 Box Salt
2 oz. Crushed Red Pepper
2 oz. Accent
2 oz. Chili Powder
2 oz. Garlic Powder
2 oz. Black Pepper


Here are 4 easy steps to make the perfect fried turkey:

1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

2. Use approximately 1 cup per Turkey.

3. Rub inside and outside of the turkey and wrap in plastic bag and place in the refrigerator in a large bowl, for 24 hours.

4. Deep Fry the Turkey at 300 to 325 degrees for 4 minutes per pound. You can also bake the turkey in the oven (regular time and temperature.) Best tasting turkey you will ever eat. Flavor all the way through.


Nothing gets a party started like a plate of scrumptious fried turkey. The delightful aroma and tastes of this recipe are sure to brighten your Thanksgiving dinner table.


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