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The Mad Smash – Great Rage Room In Taylors To Release Stress

The Mad Smash

Where: Taylors Mill, 250 Mill St. Taylors, SC, 29687
Phone: 864-569-5810
Office Hours: Wed-Sun: by appointment


Have you ever wanted to smash something after a really – really – bad day? You want to let out some anger and you just wanted to destroy something to let off the steam? There’s actually a place where you can vent your rage without any serious consequences. Check out The Mad Smash, located in the popular Taylors Mill in Taylors, The Mad Smash is a safe place to shatter away your anger and break things to release your anger and stress, or even just for fun.

We talked to The Mad Smash and learned what they have to offer for people who just want to release stress. Watch

Why go to the Mad Smash?

Life happens. Sometimes, you might be so stressed from work that you want to relieve the pressure or maybe your relationship just broke up and you want to break and smash everything in sight. Nothing’s wrong with that. You are not the only one who needs an outlet from the stress of life. Others may prefer working out or doing other things to destress but if you are the type who just likes to vent frustrations by breaking stuff – be it. All the more to go to a rage room and let your anger out.

Here’s how it works:

First, you need to be of legal age, minors must have an adult in the room. Since you will be breaking things, you need to dress comfortably and appropriately; closed-toe shoes and long sleeves and pants suggested. Don’t worry about the protective gear, they’ve got you covered. It’s a very safe facility.

Of course, it is better if you book your visit in advance, The Mad Smash offers a lot of Smash Packs. There’s a pack for one if you prefer to smash things alone, there’s also a pack for groups. Pick the best that will give you the best smashing experience. After you smash to your heart’s content you can hang around, play some games, and relax.

This place is also great for team building activities or for anyone who just wants to have some fun smashing things. Aside from their Rage Room, they also offer massage therapy so after breaking things and you need some form of relaxation, you can also book for a massage.

Release your aggression by unleashing your inner hulk – come to the Mad Smash. They are open Wednesday till Sunday by appointment.



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