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Factors That Help Sell Your Home

Knowledge is powerful when it is applied in the real estate industry. It’s the difference between a good deal and bad deal – the difference between an awesome experience and a feeling of regret down the line.

Today, we will be looking into this simple, but rather complicated question: “How fast can I get my home sold?” The problem is that we cannot give you a direct answer. Be wary of anyone who says they can. That being said, here’s the cold truth of decades of data. The average time a home takes to sell depends on a number of factors:

First impression – You have to create a fantastic first impression. Get this right and your house will sell fast. Miss the mark and you might be out of luck entirely. Your home’s first impression starts with your home’s exterior. Here are some great tips to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Price it right from the very beginning – Many sellers put unrealistic prices on their properties. Pricing too high says, “I’m not ready to sell. I just want to waste your time.” Pricing your home accurately from the very beginning is crucial and can actually get you bigger returns. If you price high, buyers will ignore your home, even after the price is dropped. Homes that sit on the market get a stigma and sell for less in the end. Don’t wait to get multiple buyers talking. What do you do instead? Use the existing price range in your area to set the right price. Your best bet is to price fair enough to get them in and talking. Don’t run them off with inflated pricing. If you need help setting the right price, speak with a trusted agent.

pricing vs potential buyers

Get your home on the internet – Use the internet to your advantage. It’s easier, cheaper, and faster to get the word out for your listing. In addition, use a listing agent that knows the power of these tools. While we can’t guarantee the sale of a home in a set time, we have seen an exponential decrease in the time between listing and selling.


Stage your home – Staging your home can mean the difference between a sold home and an expired home. A properly executed staging leads to the home’s attractive features that in turn catch the eyes of potential buyers. Work with an established real estate agent to cut your waiting time with a stager to a serious minimum. They’ve worked a long time to build rapport. Here are some tips to stage your home for sale.



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