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Where To Find Food Trucks in Greenville, SC

Food Trucks in Greenville, SC

Greenville food truck scene during the pandemic

Greenville food trucks are a culinary staple in the area. With the current circumstances and challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, food truck operators found the perfect recipe to meet the challenges and succeed.

Food trucks in Greenville learned to adapt quickly to stay afloat amid the social distancing restrictions and business regulations. The food truck community has banded together and adopted a community-based model now that large public gatherings are no longer an option.

Neighborhood gatherings are the new hype now. Every week, you will find a small band of food trucks visiting different neighborhoods in Greenville. This is probably one of the positive things that happened since the pandemic began. The neighborhood gigs arranged by HOAs and residential buildings have been a lifesaver for the food truck operators.

Greenville food trucks to try

There’s no denying that Greenville has a thriving food truck scene.  Out on the street or at a park picnic table, with a slab of pizza or tacos in one hand and a cool refreshment on a hot day in the other, you feel somehow less threatened by COVID-19. While there are many food trucks to choose from, this list offers a mix of meaty and savory for whatever you’re craving. Watch out for them as they might visit your neighborhood soon.

Image Image Image Image Image

The Lowdown: FamPizza is dedicated to pizza lovers, the menu is stacked with pizzas sourced from high-quality meats and cheeses, and other organic sources. Bryan is proud to share that everything they have on the menu is made from high-quality ingredients. As meticulous as they are about sourcing their ingredients, preparation, and every process in between including sanitizing were carefully followed.  Check out the FamPizza Facebook page for updated locations.

The Noodle Lady
Image Image Image

The Lowdown: This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning The Noodle Lady food truck specializing in authentic Chinese dishes.  The fare includes fried noodles, cold noodles, spicy beef and pepper steak noodles; fried rice; pork and veggies dumplings. They do catering for all types of social events. To locate this truck check out their Facebook page.

Rambo’s Hotdogs
Image Image Image

The Lowdown: Technically Rambo’s Hotdogs isn’t a food truck, but having a food cart doesn’t mean they don’t maintain the same standards as food trucks. To get into the business, owner Joe must also be a member of the commissary approved by DHEC.  As far as food preparation before going to an event goes, it’s pretty much like running a food truck business. They cater to private events. They spend 2 to 3 hours getting ready cleaning and making sure everything is prepared.  Rambo’s Hotdogs does not only offer hotdogs. Their menu also offers vegan dogs and other sweet treats.

Tacos Blablabla
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The Lowdown: It wouldn’t be Greenville if there wasn’t a food truck dedicated to delicious tacos and quesadillas. Tacos Blablabla truck offers delicious tacos, burrito, quesadilla, torta, fries, nachos, and more. To catch this vibrant truck, follow their Facebook page where locations are posted daily. Susan shared that some of the things they prepare when they go to neighborhoods are letting people know where they will be and sending their menu ahead of time so people will know what they have to offer and their price ranges. Support from the community is a big help for them.

The Black Thai
Image Image Image Image

The Lowdown:  The Black Thai is a local food truck serving American street food with Thai inspired flavors. The fare includes their signature Black Thai Burger with bolo sauce and shishito peppers; Pad Thai fried rice; Asian zoodle salad; Brussels sprouts bowl; wings flavored with ginger soy, buffalo sambal, or spicy apricot. Owners Dean and Charlie shared they are happy to maintain the same service during the pandemic, that the only thing that changed was where they would go. To find this truck, check out their Facebook page.


Here’s the rest of our interview with these food trucks. Watch

Many food trucks don’t just rely on walk-up customers for revenue, their businesses also rely on private parties and other catering gigs. Back when music festivals, rallies, and big outdoor events are still a norm, those also make a huge chunk of business. But since the pandemic put a halt to large public gatherings, they have to quickly adjust to the situation.  Fortunately, more and more communities realize these restaurants on wheels are feeding more than just a hungry crowd. They also satisfy a pent-up demand for diverse cultural experiences, injecting a shot of cultural excitement into outdoor events that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

Let’s continue to support these local businesses so they continue to thrive. Check out this list of other food trucks in Greenville to help local businesses during this time.



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