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    Which Schools are the Best in the Greenville SC Area?


    We know that you want what’s best for your child. You want to provide them with the best education. A good and reputable school is probably on the top criteria for your home search. Whether you are relocating to Greenville or moving anywhere in the Upstate you are probably looking for reviews, test scores, and rankings to find the right school for your child.

    The Greenville County Schools is the largest public school system in South Carolina. You are bound to find the best schools in Greenville out of all the 101 schools and centers in the District in addition to a number of highly accredited private schools ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school.

    If you are looking for the best schools in Greenville SC, check out our interactive map. Keep in mind that although it’s important to give your child the best education, the neighborhood you choose and whether you can afford the house also matters.


    Interactive Map of Public District Schools in Greenville, SC Area

    This map shows the public district schools in Greenville SC area. The number corresponds to the current rating of the school in GreatSchools.org. Click the arrow tab on the top left corner to show the names of the schools or simply hover and click the icon on the map. Click the school name to read more information and see the current real estate listings assigned for this school.

    Key: Elementary School, Middle School, High School

    Magnet Schools in Greenville SC

    If you think your child will benefit from the specialized programs offered in Magnet schools, you may want to check these magnet schools in Greenville. These schools specialize in programs such as Science, Math, Engineering and Technology (STEM), performing arts, language immersion, or International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula. Applications begin in November for the following school year. Magnet slots are limited at each magnet academy. Your child may apply to more than one magnet academy.

    Elementary School

    Blythe Academy – French or Spanish Partial Immersion

    East North Street Academy – Math and Science

    Stone Academy – Communication Arts


    Middle School

    Beck Academy – International Middle Years Program

    Greenville Middle Academy – Global and Traditional Studies or French Partial Immersion

    Hughes Middle Academy– Science and Technology or Spanish Partial Immersion

    League Academy – Communication Arts


    High School

    Carolina Academy – Engineering or Health Professional

    Greenville Senior High Academy  – Law, Business or Finance

    J.L. Mann Academy – Math, Science or Technology

    Southside High Academy  – International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programs


    Child Development Centers in Greenville SC

    Child Development Centers in Greenville are education-based organizations that provide early intervention therapies and high-quality programs including 4K and Preschool Special Education for children six weeks through five years of age.

     Golden Strip Child Development Center
    1200 Howard Drive, Simpsonville  29681
    (864) 355-5070
     Greenview Child Development Center
    625 Old Piedmont Highway, Greenville 29605
    (864) 452-0400
     Northwest Crescent Child Development Center
    925 North Franklin Road, Greenville 29617
    (864) 355-4080
     Overbrook Child Development Center
    111 Laurens Rd. Greenville 29607
    (864) 355-7350
    200 Morgan Street, Greer 29651
    (864) 355-2270
     Riley Child Development Center
    9130 Augusta Road, Pelzer 29669
    (864) 355-3400

    Charter and Private Schools

    greenville-schoolsThe Greenville area has a big charter and private school community for your consideration. We have put together the resources you need to help decide what fits your family best.

    Interactive Map of Public Charter Schools in Greenville SC

    These are the list of independently run public schools in Greenville.  Like public schools, charter schools are free, however, to enroll your child in a charter school, you usually must submit a separate application. Spaces are often limited too. Click the arrow tab on the top left corner to show the names of the schools or simply hover and click the icon on the map for more information.

    Key: Elementary School, Middle School, High School


    Private Schools in Greenville SC

    If you are looking for a private school in Greenville SC, whether the school must be faith-based or just independently run, there is a wide range of options for your consideration. Greenville SC has dozens of private schools from schools specializing in child care, child development, preparatory to upper-grade levels. Click the arrow tab on the top left corner to show the names of the schools or simply hover and click the icon on the map for more information.

    Key: Pre-kindergarten-Kindergarten, Day Care & Child Development Center, Kindergarten to Grade 12


    Selecting the Best School For Your Child

    The best way to start searching for the best school for your child is to give some thought on your child’s needs, interests, abilities and weak spots. Try to come up with a list of things that are most important to you and your child in your choice of a school.Whether a school is public, charter, or private it is important that the school is a good fit for your child.

    Visit the schools you are considering to get a better picture and talk to other parents whose children have attended the school. As you go through the selection process, think about the list you created and see if one of the schools is the best school for your child.

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