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Why It’s a Good Time To Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Why It’s a Good Time To Sell Your Home During the Holidays

When it comes to selling your home, if you are going to ask real estate professionals about the best time to sell a home, you would often hear that springtime is the most ideal.  Many homeowners who plan to sell their home wait for spring months to list their home as many home buyers like to start shopping in the spring and many people are just too busy with the holidays to think about buying a new home. Nevertheless, listing your home during the holidays has its owns benefits. While you may not get multiple offers in your home, you are most likely going to deal with serious buyers.

If you put up your home on the market during the holidays, you’re actually in a great position to sell your home faster and for more money because you are taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the holiday selling season.

Below are the reasons why it’s a good time to sell your home during the holidays. If you are deciding whether to sell your home this holiday season or wait for spring to list your home, consider these factors before you make a decision.


Less Competition During the Holidays

Many sellers will wait until the first year or springtime to put up their homes for sale. That’s a great advantage for you because there is less competition on the market. You won’t have to compete with the others especially if your home is similar to many homes in your neighborhood.


Motivated Buyers

Anyone who takes time out of their busy schedule during the holidays is undoubtedly a serious buyer.  If your house is up for sale during the holidays and there are people showing up at your doorsteps, chances are these people are serious and are ready to buy a home. Make it easy for these house hunters to get a good look at your home and be open to negotiating. Doing this can often result in a quicker sales process.


Your Home Looks Better During the Holidays

If you put your house up for sale during the winter months, you can stage your house to give off the comfy and homey vibe that appeals to many home buyers. Buyers emotions tend to run higher during the holidays and will make decisions based on the feeling a house conjures up. Capitalize on that by making your home cozy and cheery during showings.  An excellent home staging tip is to use tasteful decorations that will enhance rather than detract your home’s best features.


End-Of-Year Tax Breaks

Reducing the tax bill could be one of the reasons buyers make a move during the holidays. That’s because if the home sale closes before the year ends, buyers can deduct the mortgage interest, property taxes and interest costs of the loan. These tax deductions could prompt buyers to move during the holidays.


More Relocation Buyers

The end of the year is typically a popular time when people get notified that they will be moving because of a job transfer. It is also a time when relocation buyers are thinking about moving to a new place. This is a great opportunity for you to target those people who are going to need a house sooner rather than later. These buyers can’t wait for the spring, which is why listing your home during the holidays can get the home sold and sold quickly.


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