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Zero-Cost Ways to Help Sell Your Home

Zero cost ways to help sell your home
From repairs or renovations that you need to do in order to sell your home, sometimes it can feel like your to-do list is a cash drain. Given that all this money spent to prep your home for sale will return to you once you sell your home; sometimes money is just the problem. Give your wallet a break and try these free ways to improve your home. You’ll be surprised you don’t have to spend large amount of money to make your home presentable, in fact you may not have to spend money at all.

Below you will find zero-cost ways to help sell your home faster

Clean and declutter your home

clean and declutterThe most effective way to spruce up the home is to clean it thoroughly. You probably already have the things you need to clean your home so you may not have to spend money on cleaning items, but you will surely need energy and a helping hand to thoroughly clean your house. Give major attention to the rooms most buyers are interested in – kitchen, living room, bathroom. Don’t forget to wash the windows, vacuum carpets, and dust thoroughly. If repainting is not in your budget, carefully clean surfaces to removed dust or grime.

And while you’re in the process of cleaning you can also start decluttering. Purge the house of items you no longer need. If you’re feeling industrious, you could even try to sell unused items online or at your garage. Declutter so the buyers can see your house and not your clutter. The more space you’re able to show the more you’ll be able to sell. It is important to show your home’s space, after all it is what buyers are paying for. A decluttered home also gives an impression that the house is well cared for.

Cleaning and decluttering your house for sale is going to cost you nothing. It will also help it sell faster than it would otherwise.


Depersonalize your home

Depersonalize homeYou want your buyers to visualize themselves in your house. Anything that personalizes your home needs to be removed or changed. Personal items only serve to distract buyers. You want your prospective buyers focusing on the details of your home and not looking at your photos. Put away your photographs, souvenirs, religious items, certificates and other personal artifacts.

It will not cost you anything to depersonalize your house and it’s a fairly easy thing to do. The results will be beneficial to getting your home sold faster.


Arrange your furniture

arrange furnitureArrange your furniture; be sure it is grouped together in a well-planned way. The way the furniture is arranged contributes to a room’s atmosphere, affects the space, and can also turn one room into two and vice versa. Make sure that there are clean and direct traffic through the room. Remove extra chairs or other furniture to make the rooms in your house appear larger and inviting.



Enhance your home’s curb appeal

mow the grassIf you do not have the money to create a Zen garden, you can at least keep your grass mowed and edged properly. Trim bushes blocking your windows, pull weeds, rake and clear dead leaves. Sweep paths and keep away  items such as lawnmowers, garden hoses, sprinklers, wheelbarrows and the like. Your driveway is also a bigger part of your front yard so make sure it’s in good condition.

Your yard is the first thing the buyer sees before they step into your house. You have to make a good impression. Curb appeal can make the difference between selling your home and not.


Present your home in its best light

present home in the best possible lightYou can present your home better from the way it looks. Make it feel light and bright. Remove the heavy drapes, let natural light in. Open windows to let in the fresh air. Make sure wardrobes are tidy. Make the beds and pick up dirty clothes. Make flower arrangement. Display your best towels in the bathroom. Ensure your kitchen is spotless. Turn on lights in dark rooms. These are few practical ways to present your home that can make a positive impression.



Secure your pets

secure petsYour pets no matter how cute should never be left in your house during a showing. Leave your pets at the care of your friend or family member while you are showing your home. This may or may not be something you are willing to do but it is easier to show your home to buyers if your pets are not around. Buyers wouldn’t be able to concentrate on viewing your home if they are barked at or licked by dogs. There are also liability issues to deal with as well.  Also, some buyers are turned off at the smell of dogs, cats, and any other pets you may have at home. You will want to remove signs of odors and stains your pets have caused.


When selling your home presentation is everything. Follow these tips to help maximize your home’s potential. The more appealing your property appears, the better your chances of selling it fast and for more dollars. While these tips are a great way to help sell your home, the most invaluable tool you can have is the assistance of a real estate agent. You have much better chances with someone who knows how to sell homes. Talk to our experienced listing specialist at J Michael Manley Team who will be happy to give you sound advice on the best ways to make your home appealing to buyers.



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