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Lyman, SC Real Estate

Lyman, SC Homes for Sale

Brief History of Lyman, SC

In the late 19th century, A.B. Groce opened a store in what would become Lyman, known as Groce’s Stop. In 1924, Pacific Mills built a textile mill in Lyman, leading to significant growth, including housing and community amenities. In 1954, the mill changed ownership, and in 1955, Lyman officially incorporated as a town. The town continued to evolve economically and socially, with the transition to an industrialized community in the 1980s. The wastewater facility played a crucial role in accommodating industrial growth. By 1990, Lyman had over 2,700 residents and a thriving economy.

Location of Lyman, SC

Lyman, SC, is situated in Spartanburg County in the northwestern part of South Carolina, USA, within the Greenville-Spartanburg metropolitan area in the Upstate region. It is conveniently located near several major transportation routes, including Interstate 85 (I-85) and Interstate 26 (I-26), making it easily accessible to residents and travelers alike.

Additionally, U.S. Highway 29 (US-29) and South Carolina Highway 292 (SC-292) run through Lyman, connecting it to nearby towns and cities. The town’s proximity to I-85 and I-26 provides efficient access to major cities and regions, with Spartanburg being the nearest major city, located approximately 11 to 15 miles to the east, and Greenville, another significant city, situated approximately 18 to 22 miles to the west of Lyman.

Businesses and Employment in Lyman, SC

The economy of Lyman has undergone significant transformations over the years. Historically centered around the textile industry, the town faced a pivotal moment in 2005 when the mill that had long been its economic backbone, operated by Springs Industries, closed its doors due to the declining textile industry. However, the community displayed resilience and adaptability in the face of this challenge. Over time, Lyman has transitioned from a quiet farming community to a bustling mill town and, finally, into a thriving municipality. The town has attracted a steady influx of businesses, not only in Lyman but also in the surrounding areas, which have contributed to job creation and economic stability. Despite its humble beginnings, Lyman has blossomed into a place that combines “small-town charm” with “big city services,” reflecting its deep-rooted values of faith, family, and community.

River Place Park
River Place Park. Photo courtesy of

Lyman, SC Recreation and Amenities

Lyman, SC, offers a variety of recreational amenities, including community parks for outdoor activities, and sports facilities. Golf enthusiasts may find nearby courses in Greer and Duncan, while those interested in fishing and boating might explore nearby local lakes or rivers. Hiking trails and nature paths can provide opportunities for outdoor walks, and Lyman Event Center at Pacific Place often hosts events and classes. Local libraries, youth programs, and cultural activities contribute to the town’s vibrant community life, while dining and shopping options cater to various tastes.

Lyman, SC Real Estate

Lyman, SC real estate boasts a diverse range of housing options to accommodate various needs and preferences. Potential homebuyers can explore a mix of housing styles, encompassing single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. The town offers a blend of well-established neighborhoods and exciting new developments, catering to individuals and families at different stages of life. With a cost of living typically lower than neighboring urban areas, Lyman proves to be an enticing choice for those in search of affordable housing. The average home price in Lyman, SC hovers in the high $200s, with properties spanning a price spectrum from the low $100s to the high $500s, contingent upon factors such as size, location, and available amenities.

Lyman, SC Neighborhoods

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Schools Assigned to Neighborhoods in Lyman, SC

Lyman, SC, is served by Spartanburg County School District #5 (also known as Spartanburg District Five or District 5 of Spartanburg County). This school district covers several communities in the Spartanburg area. Lyman students have access to high-quality education through a variety of public schools, laying a solid foundation for academic achievement. Lyman Elementary School, D. R. Hill Middle School, and Byrnes High School are some of the area’s well-regarded schools. These institutions give great educational options and contribute to Lyman’s general appeal.

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