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USDA Eligible Properties in Greenville, SC

USDA Eligible Properties in Greater Greenville

What is a USDA loan

The USDA loan program offers low-interest rates and requires no down payment or qualifying assets. This makes it one of the best options for any South Carolina or Greenville home buyer looking to save on the down payment.

With a USDA Loan you can enjoy the following:

  • No down payment – 100% financing of your home
  • No maximum loan amount
  • No assets needed to qualify
  • Flexible credit guidelines
  • Competitive, fixed interest rates so payments do not increase
  • USDA Loans are for new and existing properties

Who qualifies for USDA loan in South Carolina?

To qualify for a USDA loan, you must be a US citizen or permanent resident of the US. You should also have a stable income, usually for at least 24 months. You must also have a good credit score, applicants with a credit score of 620 and above can enjoy a streamlined process.

Click the link to see the USDA income limits for South Carolina: USDA Home Loan Income Limits South Carolina.
Check out the USDA property eligibility screen here.

Find USDA Eligible Properties in Greater Greenville

The Greenville USDA suburbs are home to several residential communities that offer some of the most desirable locations, communities, and lifestyle amenities in the greater Greenville area. Enjoy a relaxing lifestyle, great shopping, and top schools. These USDA Greenville suburbs are great places to raise a family.

If you are interested in a Greenville, SC USDA home with the added benefit of a USDA 100% no down payment home loan in Greenville, SC and live in the Greenville suburbs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Sign up for a listing alert and receive our free Greenville USDA real estate alerts with the most comprehensive list of Greenville USDA Real Estate and Greenville USDA Communities in the area.